Hyderabad – the capital of Telangana

Hyderabad is a busy place with loads of people coming and going the whole year. Either business trips or entertainment Hyderabad is a common destination for people from various parts of the world. For its food, festivals, aroma of spices and most importantly for the beauty and architecture of its places, the place always attracts tourists. The most amazing fact about Hyderabad it always has a moderate temperature the is why there is no specific season to visit this amazing place.

I know after listening to all this you are planning to visit Hyderabad and here are top most places u must not miss to visit when u visit Hyderabad.



  Charminar is the most famous monument. It got its name for its four pillared structure. The four pillars represent co-existence of multiple religions. The night view from the top of Charminar is the best.

  Golkonda Fort, previously called Mankal, is one of the oldest monument built in 1143 by the Raja of Warangal. The thing that takes tourists off guard is the secret tunnels and escape routes from this fort built by the king to escape during a war. It has  a connected tunnel to the above mention monument i.e., Charminar.

  Qutub Shahi Tomb, was build in 18th century by various rulers who ruled the city. You must this tomb for the carpets, chandeliers and the architecture used in the monument.


  Chowmahalla palace was build by the fifth Nizam ruler. This wasn’t built as a monument but as an original residence of the Nizam palace.


  Purani haveli, is one of the famous monument build in 18th century. The best part about this is its architecture. It is a fusion of both western and Indian architecture. It is a must visit place for architecture lovers.


  Paigah tomb, are the tombs that attract most of the tourists. There are more than 100 tombs present here. The rocks used to decorate this place also change colour.

  Taj Falaknuma palace, also called as the mirror of the sky. It has an accommodation of 22 halls and 220 rooms. It also has an amazing library and beautiful staircase with marble work. If u visit to Hyderabad I would recommend you to stay here at least a couple of days.

 Taramati Baradari, was build during the region of Ibrahim Quli Qutub Shah region, the fouth ruler of Qutub Minar.

Religious visit

 Mecca Masjid, is one of the largest masjid with capacity of over 20,000. It was build during 16th to 17th centuary.

  Chilkur Balaji temple, is the temple of lord Balaji. It is one of the oldest temple of time. The best thing about this temple is it does not accept any money from devotees and also no special treatment to VIP’s, they believe in all men are equal to god policy that is what attracts all kinds of people irrespective of their status to visit the temple.


 Sangi temple, is a famous temple of lord Venkateshwara. The impressive part of the temple is its location. It is located on Paramanand Giri hills u can see the temple from a very long distance that is what attracts most of the devotees and tourists.

 Shree Jagannatha temple, is the temple dedicated to lord Vishnu. The flag on the top of the moves not with the flow of wind but against the wind this is the major reason there are always people visiting the place.

 ISKON temple is the temple of lord Krishna. This temple besides from its spiritual liveliness by the dance and singing for the bhajans is also known for how beautifully it was built.

 Peddamma temple is located in jubilee hills, Hyderabad. During the time of bonalu the temple is filled with devotees. This temple is also famous for Rathotsavam during Ratha Saptami.

 Sri Rama Swamy Temple is located near Ammapalli. This temple is most famous for film shooting. This is the oldest and highly visited temple. The temple was build around 13th century and the statue is at least 1000years old.



  Sudha’s Car Museum is a must visit place for car lovers. It is the first place in the world to display hand made automobiles. Mr. K. Sudhakar sir started it has a hobby and opened this museum in 2010.

 Nizam Museum also knows as silver jubliee museum. You must visit this place to look at the richness, architecture and weapons used during those days.

Water park


 Jalavihar one of the famous water park with amazing water rides and many more. It begins in the first week of April and ends in the month of June. This time make sure to add jalavihar in your bucket list.

 Durgam Cheru. Omg is it abroad? Am I in Singapore? No this amazing bridge that gives us the vibes of abroad is here in Telangana, Hyderabad. Over the fresh water of durgam pond this is build in jubilee hills. U should make sure to figure out time to spend some time passing this bridge.

 Gandipet cheru is one of the famous lakes in Hyderabad. The beautiful site of plants and the breeze touching your face is worth it.

 Mount Opera is another water park that excites people of all ages. Mount opera is a place to must visit for water game lovers. Make sure to pack your bags and spend a day in this place its worth it.

 Tank Bund located in the heart of both the twin cities is an amazing place to visit. The food around the place, the boat road and the view is what attracts not only the tourists but also I locals to visit the place often.


 Wonderla, here comes the place for people who love water rides as well as adventure. The famous part of wonderla is its amazing rides. To all those who love to enjoy rides at their most must and should visit this place.

 Osman sagar Lake is the reservoir in the city of Hyderabad. The beauty of the place is what drags the visitors to this place.

 Ocean Park another water place for water lovers. It has games for all age groups from kids to old age. Water games all around you is the most enjoyable thing, that is what ocean park is all about.

Shopping destinations


 Laaz Bazar is one of the most busiest streets of Hyderabad. The place that can exhaust with variety of products available is this Laaz bazar. you forgot you get something on your trip? Don’t worry visit laaz bazar and you will get it.

 Madina is another place that has the best things sold at best price. Be it dresses to classic items every thing is available here with the cheap prices and best quality that is what keeps this market busy all the time.

 GVK mall. Ever heard of all in one? This place is the best example of that statement. You have cinema theatre, food stores, clothing and what not.

 Inorbit mall is one of the biggest shopping mall. It covers almost everything we need in it. Big companies like KFC, Starbucks are also available in this mall. Cinema theatre, shopping, clothes it has all of them.

  Charminar Bazar is another famous place that sells all the things in the best quality but cheap prices.

 Begum Bazar is famous market in Hyderabad. It is mostly famous for accessories and dresses.

 Moazzam market is just like those market places that is mentioned above. It also sells all kind of things.


 Birla Planetarium is one of the modern planetariums that not only entertains the kids but also adults. It sure has things that would make u regret if u don’t visit.

 NTR Gardens. If you are planning on a trip with all age groups then you found the best place to spend your time. The view and the maintenance is what attracts people.

 Shilparamam the best place to see how great our olden day culture was. Once at least you must visit this place. The way they handle our traditional environment is the best.

 Necklace Road is one of the best places to spend a day out on our busy schedules. Having food and coming out with a view of lake what necklace road has.

 KBR National Park. If you are a kind of person who loves to walk with peacock around you? Then this park makes your dream come true. You must visit this place to look at the beauty of peacocks.

 Botanical Park. No this isn’t a scene from Jurassic park just a bit of how botanical park looks like. The plant life u never know existed are all available in here.

Haunted places

 Kairathabad science college. This colleges that looks very normal is said to be haunted. After facing a couple of paranomal things the college went under the hill, the feeling became strong after the watch man of that empty college died near the collage.

 Dedh lakh ghar is a house built with a lot of expense but all the people that owned the house died mysteriously. This made the people believe this house was haunted.

Over all Hyderabad is a place that has things from temples to cursed houses. Isn’t it amazing?

   Answer the question by visiting by urself.

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